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After the forced cancellation last year, the current edition of the Mobile World Congress will be held in a hybrid way. Virtuality will be the main protagonist in this new format. Many of the big brands in the sector such as Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi or Sony have confirmed that they will not attend in person, but they will be part of the event from a distance. Thus, all of them will find themselves before the magnificent opportunity to demonstrate their qualities through the platforms and media with which they currently dominate the world. In this sense, this year’s Mobile World Congress is presented as a real challenge for advertising companies. In addition, with this new methodology it is calculated that the attendees to the fair can multiply, thanks to the connection possibilities that the global intercommunication factor will offer.

According to KPMG, it is estimated that by 2025, investment in artificial intelligence will exceed 170 million pounds.

Connectivity will be one of the great themes of this edition: the arrival and implementation of 5G as well as the development of 6G. The impact on IoT services and companies focused on the technology sector is evident. Likewise, artificial intelligence offers value not only for network capacity planning, but also for almost every other aspect of business and industry. According to KPMG, it is estimated that by 2025, investment in artificial intelligence will exceed 170 million pounds.
As the pandemic put society on an unexpected pause, the importance of leadership in the workplace was clearer than ever: new technologies emerging in the wake of COVID-19, telecommuting, a new marketplace of businesses, services digital health, etc.
Streaming platforms are making their way into the market with a higher catalog than in previous years. The pause in the wake of the pandemic in recent months has placed an even greater responsibility on these streaming services to distribute content to people. Regarding the consumer experience, personalization is the order of the day, and today more than ever, engagement, simplicity and adaptation to the individual are valued.
These are not the only consequences that the new normality will bring to the MWC. There will also be new changes in the way Barcelona will adapt to the Congress. Taking into account that the organization will prioritize the assistance of the local public (they have announced that they will offer 30,000 tickets at 21 euros for non-professional attendees), the urban fabric will have to host a new massive mobilization. To deal with it, the TMB public transport company will put into circulation a new card, the T-Mobilitat. This new option is presented as the card of the future, rechargeable with a chip thanks to a new validation system based on contactless technology.
We can already see that this Mobile World Congress will come loaded with innovation, dedication and new horizons. Global communication will be the great challenge, and at the same time great incentive, of the 2021 edition. A year that, beyond being considered as the launch pad to overcome the disasters of the pandemic, also marks the beginning of a new approach to global communication.

With all this on the table, we can only fasten our seat belts and enjoy the flight. As that one said… “to infinity and beyond!”

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