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Booth design at Matelec Fair2024-05-14T09:47:49+02:00
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Booth design for Matelec Fair

At the Matelec Fair, we design outstanding stands to promote your brand. We showcase your innovative strengths with creativity and expertise. Shine with us at Matelec!

Exclusive and customized stands

We ensure superior quality at every stage, develop with a cutting-edge approach and rigorously meet deadlines. We offer complete services in international fairs, managing the whole process for your convenience.

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Backed by years of experience

Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed an unmatched competence in the creation of booths for both local and international exhibitions. Our versatile and energetic team guarantees outstanding performance in every initiative.

We are dedicated to going above and beyond our clients’ expectations by providing exhibit spaces that not only capture attention, but are strategically designed to connect with your desired audience.


Why choose Dylunio to design your booth at Matelec?

We have an established and proven track record, supported by an interdisciplinary team that includes industrial designers, architects and communication experts, which guarantees the success of each of our projects. Twenty years of practice and a large portfolio of clients endorse our efficiency.

Creation of high quality stands

Our dedication to quality and excellence is reflected in every detail, from our innovative designs to our flawless execution. We understand that each booth is a reflection of the brand it represents, that is why we are dedicated to developing spaces that not only show your essence, but also delight your target audience.

We use high quality materials and follow the latest market trends, with a team of enthusiastic professionals, to ensure that the presence of your project at any fair is outstanding and memorable.

Total supervision and additional services

From the initial concept to the final implementation, we manage all the details of the booth design and construction. We also provide state-of-the-art solutions in lighting, audiovisual technology and furniture, ensuring that your booth will stand out at the event.

Thanks to our comprehensive approach and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that each project is a faithful representation of our clients’ visions and objectives, providing not just a booth, but a comprehensive and unforgettable experience.

Your stand for Matelec in 3 steps

paso 1


Díganos qué necesita y le diremos cómo podemos ayudarle.

paso 2


Creamos un diseño personalizado según sus necesidades y presupuesto.


We take care of building and assembling the stand at Matelec.


They trust us

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Enrique Herrera Ibañez
Enrique Herrera Ibañez
Aprovecharé este espacio para felicitar al equipo de Dylunio por el excelente trabajo realizado, en favor de Learn Chile, en la recién pasada EAIE 2023, llevada a cabo en Rotterdam. Dylunio es una empresa que se caracteriza por estar atenta a satisfacer las demandas de sus clientes, armonizando aspectos como la funcionalidad y la elegancia en los diseños de sus montajes. En cuanto al equipo, Addaia y Ángel, en la pre producción, siempre estuvieron atentos a los aspectos técnicos y a proponer soluciones ante requerimientos que iban surgiendo; mientras que Víctor y Valentina, durante los días de la feria, fueron un soporte extraordinario para que todo lo planeado se ejecutara al 100%. Los recomiendo.
En Arkoslight quedamos muy satisfechos con el trabajo de Dylunio en la producción de nuestro stand de feria. Supieron capturar perfectamente nuestra visión y la convirtieron en una realidad impresionante. Destaca la profesionalidad y el enfoque colaborativo del equipo Dylunio durante todo el proceso. Siempre dispuestos a atender nuestras sugerencias y adaptar el proyecto según nuestras necesidades, haciéndonos sentir involucrados en cada fase de la producción. Muy satisfechos por su atención al detalle y a la exigencia de calidad que trasmite nuestra marca.
Jordi Garcia Chale
Jordi Garcia Chale
Gran equipo muy resolutivo. Profesionales expertos y experimentados en el sector de stands y ferias. Servicio excelente! Muy recomendable
Dani Julve
Dani Julve
Agència molt professional i alhora amb un toc humà que fa molt agradable treballar amb ells. Entregues de gran calitat.
Anna Torres
Anna Torres
Some words to define working with Dylunio: trust and added value.
Claudia Yáñez
Claudia Yáñez
Un equipo de trabajo excepcional! Atentos a todo detalle. Trabajar con todo el equipo de Dylunio se nos ha hecho muy fácil por la muy buena comunicación que hemos tenido. Muchas gracias!
Alejandro Muñoz
Alejandro Muñoz
Excelentes profesionales, excelente servicio y excelente disposición.
Mary Francis Andrade
Mary Francis Andrade
Excelente trabajo de alto nivel y personalizado
iñaki Latasa
iñaki Latasa
Seriedad y compromiso

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dylunio offer customized booths for the Matelec Fair?2024-05-14T09:47:17+02:00

Yes, at Dylunio we specialize in the design and construction of custom booths for the Matelec trade show. We work closely with our clients to create spaces that not only fit their specific needs, but also reflect their brand identity in a creative and effective way.

What are my responsibilities when setting up a booth at Matelec?2024-05-14T09:46:33+02:00

As a client, your main responsibility is to provide us with all the information and brand requirements necessary for the booth design. In addition, you must ensure that you meet the established deadlines for revisions and approvals. We will take care of the rest, from the initial design to the final execution at the show.

What other services does Dylunio offer in addition to the assembly of stands for the Matelec Fair?2024-05-14T09:45:51+02:00

In addition to booth design and assembly, Dylunio offers a variety of additional services for the Matelec trade show, including innovative solutions in lighting, audiovisual technology and furniture selection, as well as logistical management and support during the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Does Dylunio offer stand construction services for other trade fairs besides Matelec?2024-05-14T09:45:17+02:00

Yes, Dylunio provides booth construction services for a wide range of national and international trade shows. We adapt to different industries and event sizes, always offering customized and high quality solutions to meet the specific needs of each client and trade show.

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