What to do when leaving Mobile in Barcelona?

Attend this year to the Mobile World Congress It entails a satisfaction much higher than that of previous editions. Not just because we can circulate again through corridors where you have the feeling of walking through the future but also because it means that we have been able to catch a plane and be part of the long-awaited presence. If we add to this that the reunion with our previous customs allows us to tour Barcelona when we leave the Congress, we can and should feel like really lucky people.

Barcelona is an ideal city to get lost in its streets, which allows us to unite beach and mountains, that gives us the possibility of eating a paella a few meters from the sea… It is a place where, leaving behind the restrictions due to Covid, it is once again possible to enjoy culture during the day and a very good leisure offer by the night. Of course, after an exhausting day at the fair, we may be tempted to retire to our hotel room, but our advice is not to miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your visit and enjoy the many possibilities that Barcelona has to offer.

Talking about culture in Barcelona is undoubtedly talking about the magnificent imprint of Antoni Gaudí in the city: the Sagrada Familia, la Pedrera, Parc Guell… they have become a place of pilgrimage for millions of people. Opting for any of these options will undoubtedly be a great success. But one must be aware that the city is full of a thousand jewels that can make us enjoy Art written in capital letters. It is highly recommended to approach the work of another architect who has recently seen how his work was considered a Historic-Artistic Monument and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We are talking about the Historic Site of Sant Pau and Doménec i Muntaner. A permanent work that brings us closer to the work of one of the great references of Modernism. In any case, the city offers many other possibilities, such as the MNAC, the CCCB or, in a very different line, the Barça Museum that attracts football fans in such a way that it becomes the most visited museum in Catalonia.

A walk through the old part of the city can be exciting: Las Ramblas, the Church of Santa María del Mar, Plaça Reial… They are all perfect places to visit. Something that we should not miss either, is a tour of the Boquería Market. Located in the heart of Las Ramblas, this market offers us the possibility, not only to buy at any of the stops that we will find, but also to be part of the collection of followers of the different bars and restaurants that are within the enclosure. The best known, without a doubt, is the famous Pinocchio, where it is obligatory to come at aperitif time to have a glass of cava accompanied by any of the magnificent tapas that we can have access to.

The gastronomic and leisure offer of Barcelona is really magnificent. Although dragging what have been a few hard months for the sector, Restaurants and Bars who have been able to survive these months of uncertainty, have come back with a vengeance willing to make up for lost time. Depending on one’s desire and financial possibilities, one can let oneself be carried away by cuisines that have been selected with Michelin stars, by emblematic places of Catalan gastronomy, by making a commitment to the always exciting world of tapas or establishing as a preference the proximity to the sea and occupy one of the privileged terraces where you can dine first class with the soundtrack of the waves and the gift of the breeze on your face.

Barcelona is also a city where the art of improvisation can give us the most pleasant discoveries. In this sense, it is more than advisable to leave without destination determined by the Barrio de Gracia. Not only because its streets and squares allow us to delve into the life of the city and its people, but also because throughout the district there are a large number of small and emblematic bars and restaurants where you can stop for a pincho and a beer. be a perfect culmination to a day of work.

And if, to end the day, one fancy a combination of light, music and architecture, as the great axes of a unique spectacle, it is essential to visit the Montjuic Fountains.

By the way, coinciding with the days of the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona hosts a new edition of the Pedralbes Festival. It may be a great option to attend one of the scheduled concerts. Spanish singer Miguel Poveda, who performs on Tuesday June 29, or Argentinean Nathy Peluso, who will take the stage on Wednesday June 30, is highly recommended.

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless. Barcelona has always been and continues to be a city open to the world, where work combines perfectly with leisure and gastronomy. Don’t leave town without checking it out.